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Are you interested in sports? Would you like to see under the cover of how to prepare rates for sports matches? Are you not afraid of developing software that has more than five million visits per day? Do not want to do one-off projects that end quickly and do not like startup's uncertainty? If you are not attracted by corporations and you are looking for a smaller, cool team, join us!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an experienced PHP developer, who prefers working with back-end technologies. Most of what we do is the back-end for internal use only. So, if you prefer working in the back-end, this is an offer for you! We are building a new team, in which developers have real influence on used technologies. We are looking for someone who wants to keep on learning about good practices and quality in software development and is not afraid of new programming languages, technologies or approaches to software development.

Don't be afraid if you don't have great experience with all of the below technologies and practices. If you like the direction we want to go and you share our point of view we encourage you to send your CV!

We will like each other if:

  • You know what object-oriented programming is and how it differs from just using objects;
  • You worked with PHP 7 or just want to escape the PHP 5.x world;
  • You know what a Value Object is and how it differs from primitive type (especially in terms on public API);
  • You understand what SOLID principles are and try to use them in practice;
  • You know different design patterns; why and  when to use them;
  • "Clean code" is not just an empty slogan to you;
  • You don't try to solve every problem with "Maybe framework X?";
  • You know and practice TDD or want to practice it;

What we expect from you?

  • At least 5 years of experience in object-oriented PHP;
  • Knowledge of SOLID principles (best in practice);
  • Familiarity with message queueing systems (like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ or Kafka);
  • Experience with Key-Value Storage systems (like Redis or memcached);
  • You know how to write and use remote APIs (like REST, SOAP, RPC);
  • You know how to work with Linux;
  • You know and use at least one VCS (preferably Git);
  • You have a good command of English (we work in an international environment);

It would be nice if you also:

  • Have experience with PHP 7;
  • Know, how to build and compose Docker images and containers;
  • Are familiar with CI and CD concepts
  • Know how to build redundant systems;
  • Are familiar with web technologies (HTTP/S, websockets) and applications like nginx or Apache;
  • Know how to write unit and integration tests with PHP Unit;

How we work?

  • Automatic testing and release process are as important to us as development from separate development environments (local, QA, UAT, production) through Test Automation (CI) to a stand-alone test team.
  • We believe that the code review will improve you and, in time, you will be able to help improve others. Of course, versioning in GIT (Gitlab with all features).
  • To prevent operational problems, we are interested in the status of systems, deploy monitoring tools.
  • Deploy Application Servers in the Docker.
  • Programmers are involved in the design of the application, and we take the developer's opinion as important as business requirements.

What might interest you?

  • We work on our own in-house product, which we deploy to clients. We are looking for a comprehensive view and long-term solution quality from design to implementation.
  • We work in smaller teams, the atmosphere in the team is key to us.
  • We are the biggest provider of sports betting software in Central Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of products that are needed to cover the complete sports betting services (odds calculations, odds betting, live betting, affiliates, virtual sports).

What you can look forward to?

  • Competitive salary conditions – we can appreciate extra and above-standard work by extra bonuses
  • Work in new technologies
  • Business notebook
  • Pleasant work environtment and strong business background
  • Professional and career growth reflecting your capabilities; you learn every day on significant and unique projects
  • Training and development is a standard
  • Language courses in the office
  • Flexible working hours
  • Refreshments on the workplace and other benefits
  • Modern work environment and strong business background in Betsys Poland sp. z oo, Porcelanowa 8, 40-246 Katowice

If it sounds like perfect opportunity for you, send us your CV! :)


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