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Our team integrates innovative entrepreneurship, a business-oriented mission and strong experience to research and develop language processing technology.

We are looking for an UI Developer. Someone, who will help us create amazing FrontEnd.

If you have at least some of these skills, you’d be able to develop them, and gain few adjoining, working with us.

- Few years experience in creating front-end applications.

- Good understanding of web-browsers engines, and capabilities (repaints, reflows, pointer-events, CSS grid).

- Being able to use Dev Tools, profiling apps, reading flame graphs, optimizing code.

- Good knowledge of JavaScript. Understanding equality, prototypes, code that mutates values vs. code that create new values, passing values vs. passing references, and all stuff that allows you to understand what your code actually does.

- Some real experience with React. Synthetic events, keys in collections, reusing components. It’s cool if you used Redux, Redux Sagas, some Observables with Redux. It’s also cool if you know how to handle state management, and async events yourself (FRP, promises, generators, what have you).

- Experience in functional programming. Being able to write code based on pure functions. Controlling side effects, and mutations. We don’t strive to be monadic, but we know value of our values. You should daydream in map/filter/reduce and graph traversals.

- Good knowledge of Clojure/ClojureScript. Understanding data structures, being able to chunk your functions into smaller, being dynamic but safe. Experience with Datomic, Pathom, Reagent, Fulcro, clojure.spec, is nice. (If you have fashion sense, you should know that 5-year plan is for stripes)

- Experience writing some backend code. Communication with database, sharing data between services, expanding existing API, so it’s convenient to use in front-end apps.

- Tests. It’s better if you wrote some.

- It’s nice if you think about UX from time to time. If you (by some happy accident) worship Bret Victor, Alan Kay or Chris Granger we’ll give you some space to build an altar.


What can we offer:

  • appropriate compensation plus additional benefits 
  • 26 days of paid holidays
  • brand new office in the city center
  • amazing projects to work on

  • awesome people to work with
  • flexible working hours



What is Lekta? Lekta is an AI that can learn and become fluent in any natural language.

Lekta can be the voice of a business, app or device, eloquently managing conversations between users and products.

Why we do it

Lekta is our answer to a pressing problem. Many modern interfaces put the burden of communicating properly on the users. Instead of talking like they would with another person, they are forced to learn and use the commands that the device or app accepts. This creates a frustrating user experience where the very people you want to keep happy must put in the effort to make the product work properly. Lekta is the future of intelligent communication.

Join us!

We're looking for clever, talented people. 
Our team integrates innovative entrepreneurship, a business-oriented mission and strong experience to research and develop language processing technology. If that's your jam, shoot us an email. 

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