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Pełny etat, Współpraca B2B

Lekta is an advanced spoken and written Dialog System that changes the way people communicate with businesses. This cutting edge technology can automatically manage millions of conversations with customers, users and devices. It makes use of a hybrid (both statistical and knowledge-based) NLP model. This flexible framework allows for creation of conversational interfaces in any language.

We’re looking both for linguists curious about programming and for programmers passionate about languages.

As a Junior Language Engineer, you will:

  • develop dialogue systems for our customers
  • explore, analyze and interpret the way people communicate using spoken and written language
  • design the dialogue flow
  • implement the linguistic rules for the NLU phase (natural language understanding) create the system’s answers (writing skill nice to have)
  • test, break and evaluate the final product

If you are a linguist, we’d like you to have:

  • willingness to learn how make computers speak
  • analytical approach to languages
  • awareness of grammars (Chomsky’s hierarchy)
  • good grasp of English and Polish spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • knowledge of other foreign languages (a huge advantage)
  • at least basic understanding of programming and project management tools (would be a plus)

In case you are a programmer, we’d expect from you:

  • programming skills (C, Java or Python)
  • being open to learn another programming language from scratch
  • being curious about linguistics
  • being a Git expert
  • having previous experience with Jira and/or other project management tools

In both cases it would be nice, if you have:

  • at least Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics or Computer Science
  • experience in IT environment
  • basic understanding of software engineering concepts and principles
  • good feeling for the way people talk and use technology
  • good grasp of English and Polish spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • knowledge of other foreign languages (a huge advantage)
  • strong analytical and problem solving skills

And here’s what you can expect from us:

  • good salary plus additional benefits (private health insurance & Multisport card)
  • amazing projects to work on

  • awesome people to work with
  • pretty, new office in the city center
  • the excitement of working on something new and big
  • unique opportunity to turn Lekta into the industry leader
  • flexible working hours
  • 26 days od paid holidays


What is Lekta? Lekta is an AI that can learn and become fluent in any natural language.

Lekta can be the voice of a business, app or device, eloquently managing conversations between users and products.

Why we do it

Lekta is our answer to a pressing problem. Many modern interfaces put the burden of communicating properly on the users. Instead of talking like they would with another person, they are forced to learn and use the commands that the device or app accepts. This creates a frustrating user experience where the very people you want to keep happy must put in the effort to make the product work properly. Lekta is the future of intelligent communication.

Join us!

We're looking for clever, talented people. 
Our team integrates innovative entrepreneurship, a business-oriented mission and strong experience to research and develop language processing technology. If that's your jam, shoot us an email. 

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