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Why Closer?

Being a Senior JS Developer at Closer means having a direct impact on an outstanding product - and doing it for a company that spares no expense in the pursuit of top-quality code. You’ll be working in an environment where your ideas are listened to and your contributions are valued.  

You can count on plenty of other perks as well, including:

  • A competitive salary, private health insurance, and a flexible benefit plan
  • A brand new, A+ class office in the city center with ample parking for cars and bikes, plus a tram stop 30 meters from the office
  • 26 days of paid holidays
  • Flexible working hours
  • An outstanding atmosphere 

Who are we looking for?

We’re aiming to revolutionize the way companies communicate with their customers, so we’re looking for someone who’s ready to make a lasting impact. We want to build a world-class frontend, so your input is going to be essential.

What will we need from you?

  • A degree-level education in Computer Science or a related field
  • A working knowledge of design patterns and best coding practices
  • Experience of working with modern web technologies, including JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS / Sass
  • Experience of implementing responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility
  • A pragmatic and proactive attitude
  • The ability to develop scalable, flexible, high-performing code
  • It would be nice if you had a real production experience with React

What is Closer?

Closer is a live customer care platform that enriches communication by combining cutting-edge communication methods together in a browser or app, including chat, audio, video, screen sharing, file uploads, and in-chat payments.

Closer makes customer care more efficient by offering human-to-human support as well as advanced AI bots, AI-powered adviser suggestions, online meeting scheduling, team workflow management, and back-office integration.

Closer makes communication between companies and customers more accessible by supporting desktop and mobile browsers, offering native mobile apps for customers and businesses, and offering easy integration with other platforms while keeping all communication in sync. APIs and SDKs are also offered to help build the Closer communication experience right into existing apps.


We see people and businesses communicating better. We see them Closer.

Don’t hesitate - apply today!



Closer is an AI-powered live customer care platform. Our mission is to facilitate and empower personal communication between people and businesses.

Vision of Closer

We bring forth a world where maintaining conversations with companies is as easy and natural as maintaining social relations

Tailored for Customers

A world, where customers are truly taken care of, their privacy is respected, and control is always in their hands

Revolutionary for Companies

A world where serving customers is a pleasure; where an adviser’s work is supported and optimised by AI so time is used optimally, the appropriate information is always to hand and customers needs are met with great accuracy.

We imagine a world that is getting Closer. We’re making it happen.

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