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Please ONLY apply here: https://kandidate.breezy.hr/p/a1239365653501-product-analyst-20hr-week--3000-pln--month


​​​​​​Who we are

We are Kandidate.com - a London based recruitment startup that has helped 100+ European tech companies hire, from VC backed startups to pre-IPO scale ups.

We are a 20 people team headquartered in London, with our product team in Poland. Earlier this year we closed a seed investment round lead by Velos Partners, the VC fund of Facebook’s Co-Founder. We are currently the leading website in the UK for commercial hiring in the tech industry.

Our product

We are a two-sided marketplace, connecting 13,000+ candidates who have signed up to our platform with startups that are looking to hire. Top tech companies choose us over traditional recruitment agencies as we help them hire top candidates faster, at a more competitive price point and offer a better user experience. Tech professionals value the job matching accuracy, better user experience and transparency we offer.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a smart and energetic full-stack marketer with 4+ years experience to join us as Head of Marketing, who can tell our story and convey our value to the startup / tech world, first in the UK then later in the US/ Europe. Our vision is to turn Kandidate into the go-to option for fast-growing companies to hire, especially for sales, marketing and operations role.

This is a Warsaw based position, but we are open to remote candidates based in the EU too. You’ll also make trips to London every 1-2 months to meet our HQ team.

In the first 3-6 months, our Head of Marketing responsibilities will be as follows:

  • 25% focused on designing and planning our marketing strategy together with our CEO and CPO
  • 50% focused on personally executing our marketing plan
  • 25% focused on delegating and managing our 2-3 marketing freelancers (we collaborate with top freelancers on content, organic SEO and PPC)


As we grow in Q2-3 2019, your role will transition into a CMO role, less on personally executing and more on coming up with overall strategy, and growing and leading our marketing team to implement the strategy.

We are looking for a full-stack marketer - you don’t need to be an expert with all marketing channels but should have strong general working knowledge of:

  1. Paid search and paid social
  2. Organic SEO
  3. Content marketing
  4. Community engagement
  5. Growth hacking & creative campaigns
  6. Product marketing
  7. Branding
  8. Conversion/ funnel optimisation
  9. Marketing tracking, analytics and metrics

This job is suitable for someone who is:

  • Highly fluent in English (writing and speaking)
  • Must have worked in a startup or SME (under 100 people)
  • Strong interest in startups and awareness of European startup ecosystem
  • Highly organised and independent
  • Enjoys working in a small, flexible and fast moving team
  • Ability top travel to London every 1-2 months (all expenses paid by our company)

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone who truly understands our mission and are excited about what we’re building!

Who you'll work with

In this role, you'll be working directly with Jason (our CPO and current acting CMO) and Alex (our CEO), as well as our US & UK based PPC and content freelancers. You can meet our team here.

Salary transparency

We believe in being transparent with salaries. For this role, our budget is 10,000 to 14,000 PLN (approx 2300 to 3200 EUR) per month. The lower end would be in case we hire someone more junior (Marketing Manager level) that we see great potential in. Therefore if you meet the requirements of Head of Marketing, we will pay the full 14,000 PLN.

We will need an invoice from you and you will be responsible for paying your own taxes. If it's your first time working in B2B capacity in Poland, we can help you set up legalities and taxes through Twojstartup which enables you to pay 14.4% in taxes.

After 6 months in this position, we will also review your salary and share options/ equity is also on offer. On top of this, you will have paid-for one week trips to London every 1-2 months.


Application process

Stage 1: After CV review, we will invite candidates to have informal phone conversations with us. We may also invite you to an in-person conversation if you are based in Warsaw.

Stage 2: We will then invite up to 5 candidates to conduct a paid pilot project (10-20hr long). You will then present this project to our CEO and CPO.

Stage 3: We will conduct a more formal, longer interview with final round candidates.

We are looking for someone who can start full-time ideally no later than early Jan 2019.

If you’re interested, we’d love to see your application!


Application questions

There might seem like a lot of questions - but it should only take 10 minutes to reply! Cover letter is not needed.

We commit to reviewing every application and will let you know the result even if we don’t select you for next stage interviews.

Please ONLY apply here: https://kandidate.breezy.hr/p/a89b78eae81e01-head-of-marketing-future-cmo--14k-pln--month

Kandidate Ltd.

We place candidates in their next commercial role (think marketing, sales, ops) and guide them through their startup career at fast-growing, VC-backed companies.

After completing our fast, focused 5-minute sign-up, we have the information to match you to highly relevant, tailored opportunities with great companies that fit your ambitions.

Unlike traditional recruiters, we have all cut our teeth in startups and high-growth businesses, and our Talent Managers operate in-house at the companies we work with. This means we’ll never spam you with irrelevant jobs or send your CV out indiscreetly. You can count on us to always tell it like it is and share knowledge with you to support your career and personal growth – from the next role all the way to the top.

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