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Virginic PL

Hey guys!

We’re looking for enthusiastic interns to join our marketing & sales departments in our company VIRGINIC LLC (a young, dynamic American company) here in Wilanów. What is it that we do? We do our best to produce the purest cosmetics!


During your two-month internship, you will collaborate with our marketing, sales and production teams in all stages of marketing, sales and production. This will simultaneously aid you in acquiring marketing, production & sales skills that you can carry with you in the future!

Interested? Here's the link to apply it only takes a few minutes:

Thank you for your time and we look forward to meeting our future Virginic team members!

Virginic PL

Virginic LLC is a natural organic health and beauty brand focused on producing and selling pure products, honestly.

The time has come for consumer products to be held to a higher standard. To many compromises are made for convenience or a longer shelf life, embracing unknown (to downright unhealthy) practices when producing products for consumers. The burden of producing healthy, responsible, sustainable, un-comprising, quality products falls to the manufacturer. Enough is enough, take control, send a clear message - we produce natural products adhering to the highest standards. Pure life. Pure products.

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