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You know online marketing like the back of your hand? You plan promotional efforts with your team well and execute them even better? You manage people in a way that gets the best out of them? You know exactly what your project launch strategy is, even when asked about it after being woken up in the middle of the night?

We're looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team in KRAKOW, POLAND and help us grow, expand, and reach a wide audience first in Poland and then all over the world! Somebody to take charge of all the marketing and PR that will be happening before, during and after the launch. This role requires a balance of big picture, strategic thinking, and hands-on execution.

Our product, AnyMind, allows people to connect via pay-per-second video consultations directly on any website, and soon also to find one another via our app and marketplace, bridging the gap between those who seek know-how that will help them with a specific issue/case with those, who have that know-how.
Our tools will revolutionize how people look for and share know-how. And you can be a vital part of that revolution.

If you're the right person for this job, you already know what your tasks will be and you have the necessary skills. It's actually a job position that won't be defined for you. You will have to help define it.

However, just in case, here are some basics we will require of you: 

  • at least 5 years of experience in marketing 
  • experience in PR and brand communication 
  • marketing / growth hacking success stories to tell, preferably related to launching a new project or a startup 
  • experience in marketing strategy creation and execution 
  • excellent project & team management skills 
  • a strong conviction that you're the right person for this job 
  • ability to make own decisions and question the status quo – when needed 
  • a mind capable of both creative and strategic thinking 
  • ability to adjust to changing circumstances easily and quickly get a grasp on new challenges
  • customer/user-driven approach 
  • positive attitude (seeing a big, honest smile on your face from time to time would make our day!) 
  • fluent in English & Polish

What we can offer in return:

  • good salary plus additional benefits 
  • amazing projects to work on 
  • awesome people to work with 
  • the excitement of working on something new and big 
  • flexible working hours 
  • great office in the greenest area of the Krakow city center 

Ready for the challenge? Apply now!



When you want to get fast from point A to point B in the physical world, you order Uber. But what if your point A was lack of proper know-how, needed to solve a problem, answer a question or learn something new, and point B was arriving at that know-how? We want to shorten the time needed to gain know-how, as well as the distance between those who seek it and those who provide it. That’s why at AnyMind, we’re creating technologies that make paid online video conversations possible on any website, and soon also via our platform, supported by an ML-based search engine (to ideally match the need of a person who looks for know-how with the person who can best address that need at a given moment). We’re building all of the solutions on our own, including a WebRTC-based communicator that works on almost any browser and device, a web app, a widget for easy installation of AnyMind on websites, and mobile apps. We’re a great, qualified team of people that work together well to achieve a global success. We’re testing a beta version of our product in Poland at the moment and gathering feedback from first users. We want to revolutionize the way in which people acquire knowledge and make money on their know-how. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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