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Virginic PL

We’re delighted to extend this internship offer to all students and graduates looking to take their first steps in an innovative, rapidly growing E-commerce venture specialized in organic health and beauty products. With boundless learning opportunities, you will be able to observe and be part of a western-style American enterprise utilizing multiple internet distribution channels combined with groundbreaking marketing and sales techniques.


Have you always been curious what a modern style business looks like? Do you want to be part of an enthusiastic team committed to a great company culture and a healthy lifestyle? Are you up for the challenge of your life? Join our rapidly expanding team of professionals and work with us to make a difference!

You will be wearing many hats:

  • marketing/PR tasks being one (contacting influencers: bloggers, youtubers, instagram influencers to send them our free beauty products if there is a match in interest/target markets)
  • sales tasks (mainly filling in spreadsheets with current sales stats, pulling reports - we will teach your everything you would need to know)
  • some customer service tasks
  • helping with physical production of our cosmetics (driving to our factory in Piaseczno-Kabaty [by yourself or carpooling with others] to do some light physical production like mixing creams with our machines, packing units to boxes - light and fun work
  • running any errands for the company (post office, etc) basically, we look for "no job is too small" attitude.

To apply, please complete our application below:

Virginic PL

Virginic LLC is a natural organic health and beauty brand focused on producing and selling pure products, honestly.

The time has come for consumer products to be held to a higher standard. To many compromises are made for convenience or a longer shelf life, embracing unknown (to downright unhealthy) practices when producing products for consumers. The burden of producing healthy, responsible, sustainable, un-comprising, quality products falls to the manufacturer. Enough is enough, take control, send a clear message - we produce natural products adhering to the highest standards. Pure life. Pure products.

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